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Benefits of Account Profiles

One of the biggest problems with the execution of CRM strategies is poor data quality and missing data.  Increasing data accuracy and completing empty data fields can have an exponential impact on sales and marketing effectiveness. Sales people by nature

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Selling to Complex Organizations

Developing and marketing innovative products is only half the battle. Selling enterprise technology has become an increasingly complex process that requires more than reaching out to a single sales contact. To be successful, you must work through collaborative teams of

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More Complex Sales Cycles Require Stronger Marketing Strategies

Purchasing enterprise technology is a complex, research-driven process that includes input from multiple decision makers. And it can take up to 15 months or longer to complete, making it more important than ever for marketers to develop strategic plans that

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Selling Technology to IT Professionals

How can you get IT professionals to sit up, take notice and respond to your sales and marketing pitch? Here’s the short story: make it clear and keep it concise.  Five tips that make a positive impression: 1.  Do your

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What Makes B2B Sales & Marketing Unique

The key to successful business-to-business sales & marketing is to avoid applying consumer techniques to the b2b environment. As businesses continue to face the pressures of rising sales costs, increased competition, and shrinking margins, they maintain their search for ways

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Using Social Media to Enhance your Sales Effort

So it is true. We, as consumers, may know more about the competitive landscape for a product we want than the companies that sell that product. And all because we spend a lot of our time on the Internet using

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Selling in a Recession

Contrary to knee-jerk expectations, periodic market recessions can be a good thing for the professional salesperson. If you’re willing to adapt, recession markets can offer great opportunities to grow both revenues and market shares. If you can grow your market

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Why Your Sales Force Needs Social Media

For many companies the words Web 2.0, or Social Media conjures up images to do with technology and new systems. Often with the thoughts of new technology comes the fear, within businesses, that they lack the understanding of this “New

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